Explore the World of the Future by Learning Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on PoL

On PoL you can accumulate “PoL tokens” as you learn.
It’s a new form of educational service which turns your learning history into money and trust.
Learn on PoL and prove your knowledge by earning “PoL tokens”!
A free online education site for beginners.

Explore the World of the Future by Learning Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on PoL Explore the World of the Future by Learning Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on PoL

Proof of Knowledge by Learning History

- Proof of Learning -

Proof of Knowledge by Learning History

PoL is an online learning service specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain.
You can access a wide variety of content and a comprehensive glossary for free.

PoL Token
PoL Token

What is PoL Token?

PoL tokens are an asset you can acquire as you learn through the content provided by PoL. You can spend the gained tokens on PoL’s exclusive courses behind a paywall. It makes a whole new way of learning possible - the more you learn, the more you will be able to learn.

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Friendly Materials

You might have a negative view of cryptocurrency and blockchain - it’s too hard to learn. PoL helps change this image by offering friendly easy-to-read lessons.
Each lesson comes with a quiz allowing you to make sure your newly gained knowledge will be retained.

Friendly Materials Friendly Materials
A Wide Variety of Curricula A Wide Variety of Curricula

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A Wide Variety of Curricula

PoL’s goal is to become the only platform you need when learning, offering you wide-ranging curricula which enable you to systematically and comprehensively learn cryptocurrency and blockchain.
In addition, our offline community and workshops help keep you informed on the latest developments in the space.

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A Wide Range of Courses

To assist your career after finishing our curricula, PoL offers you four different courses: Business, Writing, Engineering and Multilingual.
We pursue the best UX, focussing on not only your learning process but also the skills you acquire through learning.

A Wide Range of Courses A Wide Range of Courses

Create Curriculum

-for Project-

Accelerate the expansion of the

PoL has a number of curricula available to learn about popular blockchain projects.
By publishing your curriculum on PoL, which is by far the most popular in the blockchain space, you can expand
your community.
Why not take your project to the next phase by creating a rigorously reviewed, high quality curriculum?


Our Curricula

- Curriculum -

We provide you with a number of wide-ranging curricula so that you can learn everything you need using only PoL.More curricula to be added later on.

How to Use PoL

- How to use -

Stop wasting your valuable time. Learn efficiently.


Make sure to learn in the right order

You will probably find cryptocurrency and
 blockchain not as complicated as you
 thought if you start your journey with the


Study then quiz

On PoL, each lesson is followed
by a quiz. Review what you have
 just learned to absorb the new knowledge.


Output what you input regularly

Outputting what you input on a regular basis boosts your absorption process. Express what you have learned on social media and at our offline workshops. Participation in the PoL forum also provides opportunities for output.


Have a clear image of yourself post-learning

“I want to be a writer.” “My goal is to be a blockchain engineer.” Be sure to always
 imagine how you want to be after going through PoL’s curricula to improve your efficiency in learning. Make the most of your limited and valuable time.


- Partners -

PoL grows together with our partners.​ ​
We present you with various opportunities for you to develop your skills after learning on PoL.
This includes writing articles for our media partners and participating in activities held by organizations.


We are the
Decentralized Future.